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The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund are proud to present

‎Hollywood film producer and entrepreneur Jeffrey Katzenberg at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem‎

June 26, 2023

‎Hollywood film producer and entrepreneur Jeffrey Katzenberg came to the Museum of Tolerance in late June for a conversation with Uri Shinar, former CEO of TV network production company Keshet, at a meeting with film people that took place as part of an event organized by the Jerusalem Film and Television Initiative and the Jerusalem Development Authority.‎

‎Katzenberg told the audience about his history as one of the founders of DreamWorks Studios, which changed the rules of the game dictated until that point by Walt Disney. The launch of DreamWorks' Shrek shattered all the clichés of magical princesses and knights on a white horse. "Shrek was a satirical fairy tale that came to shake off all the notions of Walt Disney that preceded it," Katzenberg noted.‎

‎"Nowadays you no longer have to live in Hollywood to make a Hollywood movie, and Israeli filmmakers understand this and produce excellent works like 'Fauda.' But even when the world of content is open to everyone, Hollywood produces wonderful, creative content. It's not either one or the other. It's both together," Katzenberg concluded the meeting.‎

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Photos: Yael Frenkel

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