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Spectacular Mimouna celebration

APR 13, 2023 19:00

The Museum of Tolerance hosted residents and guests of Jerusalem for a spectacular Mimouna celebration as a sign of brotherhood and partnership

At the end of the Passover festival, the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem and the World Sephardic Federation held a spectacular Mimouna celebration at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, attended by about 1,000 guests.

The colorful celebration included live performances by the great Hebrew lyricist Lior Elmaliach and Andalusian music, Moroccan celebration singer Elhai Lagrisi, and Faisal Bandhu, singer of the Moroccan royal house.

Israel Prize laureate and presidential nominee Miriam Peretz, the woman who became an Israeli symbol of revival, participated in the event and delivered a moving speech about national unity and love:
“Especially in these turbulent times of social division, we must learn to live together. We came from so many countries but will have to learn to live together, to respect each other, left and right, religious and secular. You don’t have to agree, but you have to respect, to listen.

We will never have redemption if we don’t learn to accept the other, to accept the different. Memorial Day and Independence Day are ahead of us, and I hope that the Gates of Heaven will open to a discourse of friendship, brotherhood and respect.

As long as we are united, our enemies won’t be able to harm us. I thank the Museum of Tolerance, which has set itself the goal of encouraging dialogue between the different populations,” Peretz told the audience from the event’s stage.
A long line of public figures participated in the event, and together with hundreds of guests enjoyed hospitality in the best Moroccan tradition with an authentic Moroccan market table, trays of Moroccan cookies made by artisans, a pan-hot mufleta (Moroccan pastry) stand, and a hot and cold drinks bar.

The location was designed in an authentic Moroccan spirit, including seating areas, a Moroccan tent and a photo corner against the luxurious background.

Photos: Oz Schechter

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