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April 4, 2024
Children of Fallen Soldiers, Police Officers, Celebrate Their Bar and Bar Mitzvah at MOTJ
“Today is a holiday for you and us, as you enter the world of adulthood,” President Isaac Herzog told a group of 48 boys and girls of the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization who celebrated their bar and bat mitzvahs at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem

February 18, 2024

Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosts Conference of Presidents annual summit
The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations on February 18 for their 49th annual leadership conference
February 28, 2024
Sticking Together: ELNET delegation of European Parliamentarians visits MOTJ

“If there is one positive over the past 145 days, it is that after seeing the worst in humanity, we have seen the best in humanity,” said Jon Polin, the shattered yet determined father of hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin, to a gathering of ELNET, the European Leadership Network.

March 12, 2024
Bat Yam Educators Conference at MOTJ
“You’re stronger than you think,” said Dedi Simchi, the father of Guy, who was killed on October 7 after saving more than 30 partygoers from the Nova Festival.
DECEMBER 17, 2023

Unveiling of the Declaration "Two Women Against the Iranian Terror Regime"

On Sunday, December 17th, a profound commemoration took place on the façade of the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem.
January 25, 2024
The Education Ministry’s Conference on Excellence
The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted a conference with the participation of about 200 supervisors from the central district of the Education Ministry about maximizing excellence.
February 11, 2024
MOTJ Hosts Iris Haim, Mother of Fallen Hostage
The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted Iris Haim on February 11 for her talk on “In Light and Not in Darkness.”
DECEMBER 10, 2023 
Alef-Bet Legend
An original tale based on life in a Jewish Hasidic village
DECEMBER 13, 2023
Lighting the Seventh Hanukkah Candle in honor of the hostages and Israel’s security and rescue forces
The lighting of the seventh Hanukkah candle took place in the museum's theater and was dedicated to the Israeli hostages being held in the Gaza Strip as well as Israel’s security and rescue forces.
DECEMBER 14, 2023
The Silver Lining
Exhibition of artworks by youth from Jerusalem and from evacuated settlements
OCTOBER 18, 2023
We are enlisting in the war effort!
The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem and the Thank Israeli Soldiers non-profit organization are mobilizing for the soldiers!
NOVEMBER 22, 2023
Job Fair for Southern and Northern Residents
Today, we opened our gates to hundreds of residents from the south and north who left their homes and came to the job fair "Worthwhile to Work in Jerusalem."
DECEMBER 1, 2023
Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met with family members of Israeli hostages being held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip
In an emotional meeting organized by the Museum of Tolerance, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met with family members of Israeli hostages being held captive by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
JULY 12-13, 2023
‎Jerusalem Film Festival 2023‎
‎This year the Jerusalem Cinematheque marked 40 years of its renowned film festival, and the Museum of Tolerance participated in the festivities.‎
SEPTEMBER 7, 2023 
International treaty to promote the values of tolerance and multifaith discourse
International treaty to promote tolerance and multifaith discourse The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and the senior Moroccan Imam for a historic meeting, the opening salvo of a series of meetings aimed at warming relations.
OCTOBER 4, 2023 19:00
In Line for Heaven

During the riots that broke out in May 2021 in the mixed cities, actors of Young Voices ensemble – Jewish and Arab teenagers – continued to come to the theater and created a play dealing with racism, deeply rooted in the tribes of Israeli society.

JUNE 26, 2023
‎Hollywood film producer and entrepreneur Jeffrey Katzenberg at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem‎
‎Hollywood film producer and entrepreneur Jeffrey Katzenberg came to the Museum of Tolerance in late June for a conversation with Uri Shinar, former CEO of TV network production company Keshet, at a meeting with film people that took place as part of an event organized by the Jerusalem Film and Television Initiative and the Jerusalem Development Authority.‎
JUNE 26, 2023

‎Final event of the Baba-Da program for Robotics studies for Haredi school students for 2022-2023‎.

‎At the end of June, the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted a unique and exciting event – a final competition of robotics studies for Haredi school students who participated in the Baba-Da curriculum throughout the 2022-2023 academic year.‎
JUNE 28, 2023
‎Commemorative event in memory of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks‎
‎The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted Rabbi Sacks Legacy, the heritage organization of the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, for a full-day seminar attended by religious and educational leaders from Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora.‎
APRIL 27, 2023

"The Faces of Israel "
‎A joint conference of the Jerusalem Post and the Museum of Tolerance‎

The "Celebrate the Faces of Israel" conference, jointly produced by the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Post newspaper, marks the 75th anniversary of the State of Israel in a series of discussions on the various identities of the State of Israel.
JUNE 5, 2023
“The use and misuse of images”
A discussion moderated following a guided tour of the exhibition “DOCUMENTING ISRAEL: VISIONS OF 75 YEARS”
JUNE 19, 2023
‎Appreciation event for the Farahi family‎
‎A festive tribute event to the Farahi family from Los Angeles, generous donors to the establishment of the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem.‎
APRIL 25, 2023
‎Celebrations on the eve of Israel's Independence Day‎
‎Festive Independence Day events held at the Museum of Tolerance to mark Israel's 75th Independence Day.‎
APRIL 24, 2023
‎Remembrance Day evening for Israel's fallen soldiers and those killed in hostilities‎
‎A special event in memory of the lone soldiers who left their families and countries of origin to immigrate to Israel and serve in the Israel Defense Forces and fell during their service, and for the victims of hostilities.‎
APRIL 26, 2023
‎Hallel Prayer – Independence Day‎
‎A solemn and moving prayer service in the Museum of Tolerance‎'s amphitheater.
APRIL 13, 2023
Mimouna in the museum
A celebration of Mimouna as a sign of unity and partnership, with the participation of leading oriental cantors – Lior Elmaleh and Elhi Legrisi hosting Faisal Benhadou, the singer of the Moroccan Royal Palace.
APRIL 16, 2023
The Mitrelli Group's 10-year celeration.
‎The Mitrelli Group event marking a decade of the company's activity was held at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem with the participation of a 500-strong African delegation, and senior ministers from Angola, Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire.‎
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