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The Museum with lights on at night
Museum central staircase

The Building

The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem is a place where individuals from across the world gather, converse openly, and feel at home.

With its four open walls that fill the space with light, visitors immediately feel welcomed and at ease. The museum is in the shape of a dove, representing its pursuit of peace and hope for a better future. The building's focal point is the monumental crisscrossed staircase, emphasizing that true tolerance and understanding come from engagement, listening to one another, and immersing ourselves in others' perspectives.

The outdoor amphitheater, which seats 1,000, is flanked by a Second Temple aqueduct originally construted by King Herod at its base. Discovered as the foundations were laid two decades ago, it is now lit in the evenings and protected by glass. Up above is a low stage where a screen and speakers appear to magically rise at the flip of a switch.

The outdoor amphitheater

The children's museum floor is outfitted with a 150-seat theater, children's classrooms, and plush dressing rooms for celebrities to prepare for amphitheater performances. On the lowest level is the Social Lab, dedicated to featured exhibitions and addressing tolerance in Israeli society and in our world today.

Inside, the center spans four floors with a central staircase flowing through the middle and a skylight that shines colored beams into the night. A 400-seat movie theater with Italian-made velvet chairs, a rolling » screen, a LED screen, and a translator's booth allow for movie premieres. Two dedicated museums will occupy the two lower floors, one for children and one for adults.

"We are building in Israel because the Museum's themes of promoting Jewish unity and universal respect are absolutely vital to Israel's future. The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem is not a museum about the past; it is a museum with a21st century idea that will deal with the crucial issues of today and tomorrow".

image of Rabbi Marvin Hier
Board Co-Chair
Image of Larry A. Mizel
Board Chair
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