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An International Lighthouse
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Open from May 20, 2024
‘From Darkness to Light’

The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem invites you to "From Darkness to Light," an exhibition that explores the events of October 7 and their impact on Israeli society and the Jewish community. Join us on a journey through hope and tragedy. Visit our main page to buy tickets and learn more.


May 27, 2024

Women’s Day at MOTJ

The Jerusalem Municipality celebrated “Women’s Day” on May 27 at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem in a celebration of their achievements over the last year.

May 14, 2024
The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted the closing event of the "March of the Living" Trip
Jewish teenagers from around the world gathered at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem on Independence Day for a musical extravaganza to mark the end of their March of the Living Trip.
May 14, 2024

Thousands of Israeli men and women gathered at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem on Independence Day morning for a soulful prayer

Thousands of Israeli men and women gathered at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem on Independence Day morning for a soulful prayer with song and dance.

May 20, 2024

The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted the ELNET Women’s Safety Now Gala

The ELNET Women’s Safety Now Gala took place at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem on May 20 with insightful speeches by leading women in Israel’s defense establishment.

Join our journey towards a more tolerant future, built on mutual understanding and mutual respect.
03 March 2024
Israel’s Druze: Tolerance and integration during war in Israel

I wear many hats; a Druze hat, an Israeli hat, a medical hat,” says Prof. Salman S. Zarka, General Director of the Ziv Medical Center in Safed. “But instead of talking about how to separate them, my goal is to combine them.

NOVEMBER 2, 2023
Another double standard

An op-ed was penned by Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Co-Chair of the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem. This article was published in The Jerusalem Post on November 2nd, 2023.


The Vision

The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem is located in the holy city of three major religions. Dedicated to promoting tolerance and human dignity, the museum shares lessons from world history and universal Jewish values, while creating powerful dialogue between individuals from all cultures and religions.
"An international Lighthouse for Human Dignity"
The museum building at daylights with birds in the sky
A picture of the museum with the lights on at night

What we do

An "international embassy" for peace, the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem strengthens Israel's reputation across the world, while building bridges between diverse cultures and religions.

Under our "open tent," individuals from all walks of life will gather and enact change based on shared universal values. Together, they will challenge racism, antisemitism, discrimination, stereotypes, hatred, and acts of verbal and physical violence – and create a better tomorrow.

The Museum with lights on at night
A picture showing an exhibition at the museum


MAY 16, 2023 

Documenting Israel: Visions of 75 Years

A journey through time in honor of the 75th Independence Day of the State of Israel: Israel through the camera lenses of international photographers, including Robert Capa, David "Chim" Seymour, Micha Bar-Am, Sigalit Landau, Inga Morath and others.

The museum's content team is currently developping a series of digital exhibitions aimed at providing visitors with a personalized experience using innovative tools.
The exhibitions will demonstrate the wide human and cultural diversity that exists in the world and in Israel. The visitors, individuals and groups, will enjoy an interactive experience while taking a renewed look at familiar local and global issues, through content and experiences that are combined with innovative technologies.
A picture of the main staircase

The Building

The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem is a place where individuals from across the world gather, converse openly, and feel at home.

With its four open walls that fill the space with light, visitors immediately feel welcomed and at ease. The museum is in the shape of a dove, representing its pursuit of peace and hope for a better future. The building's focal point is the monumental crisscrossed staircase, emphasizing that true tolerance and understanding come from engagement, listening to one another, and immersing ourselves in others' perspectives.

The Museum


DECEMBER 14, 2023
The Silver Lining
Exhibition of artworks by youth from Jerusalem and from evacuated settlements
OCTOBER 4, 2023 19:00
In Line for Heaven

During the riots that broke out in May 2021 in the mixed cities, actors of Young Voices ensemble – Jewish and Arab teenagers – continued to come to the theater and created a play dealing with racism, deeply rooted in the tribes of Israeli society.

OCTOBER 18, 2023
We are enlisting in the war effort!
The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem and the Thank Israeli Soldiers non-profit organization are mobilizing for the soldiers!
DECEMBER 10, 2023 
Alef-Bet Legend
An original tale based on life in a Jewish Hasidic village
OCTOBER 18, 2023
Volunteer Day for Soldiers
The mass volunteer event organized by the Museum of Tolerance and Thank Israeli Soldiers non-profit was held in a 1,000-square-meter logistics warehouse meters that the museum allocated especially.

The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem participates in the mourning of the families who lost their loved ones, and prays for the return of the hostages.
We embrace the People of Israel and strengthen the security forces.
Together we will win!

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