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Abba, 2015.
The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem is proud to present:

Gallery talk with curator of the photography exhibition "Documenting Israel: 75 Years of Vision״

‎A gallery talk and tour of the photography exhibition "Documenting Israel: 75 Years of Vision" was held in early May at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem, with the participation of the exhibition's curator, Anna-Patricia Kahn, Jerusalem digital creator Nevo Himmelhoch, exhibition producer Yves Kugelmann, while on Zoom, Magnum photography agency photographer Nanna Heitmann joined the conversation.‎

‎The audience that came to the event from near and far toured the photography exhibition displayed at the Museum of Tolerance. This is the museum's first exhibition and it also allows visitors a first and exclusive glimpse of the museum, which is currently in operation with a series of events and activities for the general public.‎

Following the tour, the panel of speakers gathered together with the audience to discuss the future of photography and photojournalism, the effects of artificial intelligence and fake news on the field, and the moral and social challenges facing us.‎

‎The panel discussion revolved around
whether artificial intelligence will also change the field of photojournalism and the way the media has covered news for more than a century.‎


More events

NOVEMBER 22, 2023
Job Fair for Southern and Northern Residents
Today, we opened our gates to hundreds of residents from the south and north who left their homes and came to the job fair "Worthwhile to Work in Jerusalem."
SEPTEMBER 7, 2023 
International treaty to promote the values of tolerance and multifaith discourse
International treaty to promote tolerance and multifaith discourse The Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem and the senior Moroccan Imam for a historic meeting, the opening salvo of a series of meetings aimed at warming relations.
JUNE 26, 2023

‎Final event of the Baba-Da program for Robotics studies for Haredi school students for 2022-2023‎.

‎At the end of June, the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem hosted a unique and exciting event – a final competition of robotics studies for Haredi school students who participated in the Baba-Da curriculum throughout the 2022-2023 academic year.‎
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