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Thousands of Israeli men and women gathered at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem on Independence Day morning for a soulful prayer

May 14, 2024

Thousands of Israeli men and women gathered at the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem on Independence Day morning for a soulful prayer with song and dance.

Hosted in partnership with Rabbi Tamir Granot, Rabbi David Stav, and Rabbi Dov Singer, the more than two-hour long prayer at the Museum’s outdoor amphitheater featured the Hallel blessing, a traditional recital said by Jews on holidays and joyous days, such as Independence Day.

“You have all come here to say thank you to God for the blessing he has given us,” said Rabbi Stav following the prayer service.

Rabbi Granot added “We are commanded to thank God when he does good for us,” pointing to the miracle of the modern State of Israel.

The attendees were invited to bring their own musical instruments, with participants arriving with guitars, flutes, trumpets, violins, and more. The festive celebration was also attended by board members such as Larry Mizel, Cheston Mizel, and Rabbi Marvin Hier who sang and danced alongside the multitude of Israelis who came out for the event.

Rabbi Stav thanked the board members for flying for the holiday and helping to build “this wonderful place” that was open to all for the day.

One woman in attendance, Josey from Jerusalem, shedding tears, said after the event that it was “One of the most magical experiences I have ever experienced.” She offered her blessings to all who made the building and event possible.

Following the prayer session, members of the board, employees of the board, and students of Rabbi Singer’s Yeshivat Mekor Chaim sang and danced their way to the top floor Museum Beit Midrash, where a Torah scroll in the Sephardic tradition was inaugurated with blessings by the rabbis in attendance.

Afterwards, the Museum board, employees, and the rabbis enjoyed a full brunch prepared by the Museum’s in-house confectioner.

Photos: Itzhak Shukrun

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